Public Relations

Through our partnership with Bullion PR and Communication, we have assisted a number of leading South African companies generate greater exposure and awareness.
Johannesburg, South Africa

Effective Public Relations

Viacomm’s PR and Communications Division Partners have has assisted a number of leading South African companies generate greater exposure and awareness. Clients have included listed companies as well as many emerging growth companies. Our professional approach to national media has resulted in even the smallest client receiving national publicity in the financial, consumer and trade media.

Public Relations

Strategic Approach & Services

The most effective method of evaluating any PR strategy is through a perception audit.  This is a costly exercise in which case Rand Value / AVE’s, number of interviews conducted and amount and type of exposure can be monitored with the use of a press clipping agency. We also produce  bi­‐weekly stats for clients based on their specific needs.

Proven Results

Credentials & Experience

Our writers, pedigreed in the business press, are adept at financial, consumer, trade, sport and technical journalism. The South African and international business ethos has never been as  multi­‐layered  as  it  is  today;  each  is  an  audience  that  must  be  considered.  Years  of  experience have engendered a flair and understanding of the jargon and style required to reach  this  increasingly  fragmenting  readership.  Viacomm  understands  the  importance  of  quality  control  and  a  precise  understanding  of  media  needs.  Accordingly  we  direct announcements to the target medium in the format, style, and manner in which they are most likely to be accepted for publication.

It is a procedure that works. Our reputation for maximising publicity is well known, and is a cornerstone of our success

Corporate Communications

Our Expertise

  • Communication strategy
  • Media releases
  • Research
  • Crisis Communication
  • Conferences, seminars, product launches & events
  • Corporate identities
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Digital Communication
  • Media training
  • Media tracking and analysis
So Why Us?

We Deliver Results

In the information economy, words and images count. Through our years in the media environment, Viacomm PR and Communications division, through established strategic partners, is able to steer organisations, advance their objectives and  position them in the marketplace by using innovative communication techniques.

At Viacomm we are of a firm view that effective communication is about understanding your audience’s expectations and meeting or exceeding them, using language that connects with them and communication channels they trust.

Our Future

Skills Development

Skills development is crucial for the country’s economic growth and sustainability.
For our part Viacomm, through our strategic partners, has arrangements with Universities and Technikons nationally, this entails training communication graduates, thereby giving them the necessary experience to compete in the job market.