Nissan Activation

Nissan Activation

Whilst innovation is their differentiating factor, this is not recognised by the South African public. Nissan therefore aimed to restore the “cool factor” in their brand. Instead focusing so much on the “Innovation” factor of their slogan, they wanted to focus on the “Excite” aspect of the slogan. This would appeal more to the desired market of the young middle income consumers

The South African motor industry is an extremely competitive industry. The car manufacturer felt that their brand and products were not top of mind as it is with their counter parts, more especially amongst the young, middle income earners, mainly LSM 5-8 aged 25 – 40. Their biggest competitors in South Africa include Ford,  Hyundai, KIA, VW, Toyota, as well as BMW and Mercedes Benz in the luxury vehicle product offering. Nissan market share was not growing as fast as the other vehicles, and as a result, other vehicle brands including Ford surpassed Nissan.


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February 22, 2016