Viacomm’s Advertising function is the crafting and relaying of key messages and sentiments using various media to an identified target market. Viacomm can adjust our message tones to suit our client’s communication objectives using corporate literature, advertising, promotion and public relations.


Viacomm develops creative ideas and transform them into intuitive, interesting and memorable advertisements and communications that boost brand equity and increase product sales. We create marketing content for television, radio, magazines, newspapers, corporate literature, and others. Our strategists and copywriters work with the client to ensure that once the message being communicated reaches the audience, it is received because of its relevance, novelty, and aesthetic. It is not enough for Viacomm that the message is heard, we aim for the target market to understand the communication as we seek to stimulate the appropriate response by a carefully articulated call to action.

Because we always aim for two way communication, gathering feedback is an essential part of our strategy as it helps us measure, analyse and if necessary, adjust our marketing and communications for best effect.


All strong communications are meaningful communications. Viacomm works hard to ensure that the correct medium is used for each interaction. This includes the following, for written media, we may use memos, letters, reports, bulletin boards, handbooks, newsletters. For verbal media, channels include face-to-face conversations, calling, online, PA systems, television, audio, sound/slide shows, e-mail, and so on.


Viacomm also realises the importance of nonverbal gestures. As a result, we train our clients to make the best use of facial expressions, body positions, colors and even clothing as they transmit messages both positive and negative.


Lastly, Viacomm works to eliminate noise and clutter from all our marketing and communications efforts. These interruptions can pretty much occur anywhere within the communication process, hindering complete clarity and understanding of client’s messages. These disruptions include language barriers, misprints, emotions, attitudes, and others. While some are easier to eliminate, all require measures to counter the adverse effects. Viacomm carefully prepares for and anticipates communication disruptions during the marketing strategy and media strategy formulation phases.

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Viacomm Advertising

Viacomm uses Advertising for delivering well articulated message to consumers and prospective customers. Viacomm works to persuade and convince customers that your services or products are the best…or at least worth a try.  We use advertising to enhance the image of your company by highlighting your strengths, experience, novelty, products and/or services. Viacomm can demonstrate new uses for established products, announce new products and programs, reinforce the salespeople’s individual messages as well as draw customers to the business by effective advertising campaigns.


Viacomm has experience in Television Advertising, Infomercials, Radio Advertising, Online Advertising, Domain Name Advertising, Press Advertising, Billboard Advertising, Transit Advertising, In-store Advertising, Street Advertising, Sheltered Outdoor Advertising, Celebrity Branding, Customer-Generated Advertising, and Aerial Advertising.


We get really creative when it come to getting your message across.

Online Media

Viacomm has numerous clients that benefit from our online media marketing and communications expertise. As more and more companies begin to realise the apparent benefits of online media, Viacomm has streamlined its online marketing services to offer integrated solutions that are effective for multiple sectors and industries.


Viacomm does not just think campaigns, we focus on growth frameworks. The Viacomm team positions your marketing strategy into a sustainable, ROI-positive revenue engine for your brand. Our approach works because it is informed by real data. Our analytics team can track anything and everything, all the way down to the source of the click that generated a sale. Viacomm uses specialist tools and inherent creativity to prove the value of our marketing. We formulate online strategies that are tailored to client objectives and briefs. Whether it be purchasing attractive advertisements and placing them on research justified locations such as online newspapers and magazines, writing online press articles, or maximising reach on social media, our Online Leads Generation work with guaranteed ROI’s.