About ViaComm – The Communications Company

We Are Brand Architects. We Create and Manage Conversations.
We Build Businesses and Garner Support for Our Clients’ Causes.
We Establish Legacies.

Via Communications (ViaComm) is a Level 1 BBEEE Marketing and Communications Agency based in South Africa. A member of Brisk Group and with sister companies operating on the outdoor media and events industries, we offer turnkey marketing services covering strategy, creative and implementation as well as everything in between.

With a strong background in business development and management, brand communication, marketing, media, advertising, client service, event  conceptualization, design and production, as well as stakeholder management, ViaComm is the perfect one-stop shop for all things communications.

Our Process

ViaComm developed the “EEEE” (The 4 E’s) approach.

This work process helps us get maximum value out of our activities for the benefit of our clients. We always achieve the best possible return on investment for all projects that we are contracted for and/or awarded.

1. Explore

Inquire into or discuss (a subject) in detail: “he sets out to explore fundamental questions”
We extensively research markets, media, communications, objectives and trends before developing any strategy, creative or plan for each project.

2. Expound

Present and explain (a theory or idea) in detail: “he was expounding a powerful argument”
Once we fully understand objectives and the environment for each project, we formulate a strategy that defines activities, media, communications and tone.

3. Execute

Put (a plan, or course of action) into effect: “the company executed a series of vital deals”
Guided by a comprehensive strategy, we implement our plan, be an event or a campaign, each individual activity is defined and adheres to the strategy.

4. Evaluate

Form an idea of the amount, or value of: “the study will evaluate the impact of changes”
We always measure the value of our work to determine how well a campaign, a media stream or activation has or is performing in order to make necessary tweaks.